Enlightened and Empowered

Enlightened and Empowered  

Living by the Spirit  

Available on March 20, 2018  

Paperback and Kindle  

Authors: Fred and Sherry White  
Publisher: Fountain Gate Publishers  
ISBN: 978-0-9826135-5-9


Your spiritual life comes by the guidance and power of God’s Spirit. A close relationship with the Spirit will help you in every area of life. The Spirit will show you God’s ways and lead you into your destiny, which is the noble course God set for you from the beginning. This book prepares you for living victoriously by the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

Fred and Sherry are motivated by a sense of destiny. They were trapped among the crowds of people and powerless to deal with life and death issues until they embraced the Spirit. Now, the lame walk, the blind receive sight, and the dead are brought back to life in their ministry. This book describes the foundational Biblical principles which the Spirit taught them and the miracles that happened in their lives and ministry.

Their personal experiences and spiritual insights can help you:
• Follow the Spirit
• Operate Spiritual Gifts
• Pray Strategically
• Heal the Sick
• Fulfill Destiny

March 20, 2018, the book will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all other major book distributors.

Review Quotes about Enlightened and Empowered

What an awesome, rich and powerful book! It was so good and full of such needed information that I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book to every born-again believer. It will help you fulfill your God-given destiny. ~ Harriet Kelly

You don’t want to put [it] down. I see it as a necessary tool for young converts and for the more mature, as well. It is an easy read and yet packed with so much good teaching that we are not getting in most churches. ~ Wayne E. Tench

The book is truly your legacy given by the Holy Spirit! ~ Judy Bowers

It is so anointed!! I learned so much on praying and more revelation about the Holy Spirit and the Priesthood. I also loved the personal stories about how God has used you over the years. You actually answered some of my questions I have had about healing. ~ Jan Polly

I have enjoyed this book very much. I loved all the conclusions and personal testimonies. God has done some amazing things in your lives and the lives of others. I will enjoy reading this from time to time in the years to come. ~ Cindy Boatwright

It’s a timely word desperately needed now. We have as a body exhausted ourselves trying to do something, anything in ourselves. This teaching brings freedom to move forward to become “the Church”. The need is great or God would not have given this word. ~ Cathy Miller

This will be an amazing resource. The clarity of writing is a great strength. It carries both of your authority in the Lord! The care with which information is organized and shared makes the book easily accessible and approachable. I’m so excited for this book! ~ Laurie Thornton

Enlightened and Empowered Cover