Marriage by the Spirit

Marriage by the Spirit

Rhythms of Grace

Now Available
Paperback and Kindle

Authors: Fred and Sherry White
Publisher: Fountain Gate Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-9826135-2-8

You can improve your marriage by following God’s ways not the ways of this world. Popular approaches to marriage in both the world and the church are seriously flawed and cannot be fixed. Such approaches are based on a rigid view with everything supposedly known. If everything is known and rigid, there would be no need for the Holy Spirit in marriage. But marriage is one of the great mysteries of God, and his mysteries are revealed only by his Spirit. This book explains how a husband and wife can involve the Spirit in their marriage to improve it. Under the guidance of the Spirit, they can bring forth Christ in the marriage and fulfill destiny. The Spirit pours grace into a marriage to strengthen and sustain the relationship. This book explains how a married couple can be sensitive and responsive to these rhythms of grace. A married couple will face many challenges through life on the path to maturity. They need to be empowered by faith and through the Spirit to overcome obstacles. This book explains how to develop a spiritual relationship and resolve marital issues. A spiritual relationship will sustain love and intimacy. As a married couple faces inevitable changes, they can rely on a marriage covenant to respond appropriately to marital issues. The marriage covenant brings depth and freedom to the relationship when it is applied under the guidance of the Spirit. With the marriage covenant, both the husband and wife can expect freedom, abundance and fulfillment.

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